Cisco Systems is a leading force in the I.T. world, providing network switches and routers, servers, wireless systems, and numerous other technologies required to provide the infrastructure we use every day.

We have chosen to partner with Cisco for a number of reasons. Many of our existing clients’ networks are built using Cisco devices. Cisco’s deep product lines ensure that from a table-top switch in a boardroom, to the nerve centre of a network core, they have a product designed to meet our clients’ needs. Cisco’s excellent SmartNet support provides next-business-day replacement of failed hardware, and their support associates are available 24×7 to help troubleshoot the most complex failures.

Cisco maintains a certification program to help quantify the skills and training of potential partners. ECM is proud to be the highest-certified company based in Northern Ontario, having earned Cisco’s difficult Premier Certified Partner status. Through our on-going commitment to employee training and development of our skills, this certification serves as Cisco’s acknowledgement of ECM’s ability to provide enterprise-level equipment and services based on Cisco technologies.