Corning Cable Systems are the leaders in the world of fibre optic cabling. From light-use cables for indoor use to rugged armoured cables for industrial & underground use, Corning has the product breadth to supply the right fibre every time. Continued development of patch panels and associated hardware have led to products which are simple to use yet well constructed, ensuring installations can be completed quickly but still be built to last.

ECM has chosen to partner with Corning primarily given their position as a leader in fibre optic cabling. Their excellent support structure ensures the fibre cables we run and terminate are built to last.

We are proud to have earned a place as a member of Corning’s Network of Preferred Installers – and are the only member based in Northern Ontario to do so. By investing in the training and certification of our staff, we have shown Corning that we have the internal skills and work practices to install fibre optic cables with the excellence demanded of Corning and our clients. By achieving this position of recognition, we are able to offer a 25-Year Warranty on each Corning fibre cable we install. This Corning-backed warranty ensures or client’s investment in quality products are protected for many years.