Servers & Clients

Servers & Clients

As an infrastructure company, ECM has specialized in deployments of Windows based servers & clients within industrial control networks. Loved or hated, nearly all modern control systems & specialty software packages now run on Windows, and ECM has the experience to ensure these servers continue to run with the stability needed.

ECM has chosen to remain vendor agnostic with respect to control systems. While we have extensive experience integrating and maintaining Windows servers with Rockwell, Kepware, and various other vendor’s software suites, we are at our core an infrastructure company. As such, we often take responsibility for the Windows software and its integration with the control system, while the configuration of that control system software itself remains the responsibility of our client’s instrumentation & maintenance departments.

As a Microsoft partner, ECM has access to the latest development software allowing us to test any of the software suites our clients use against Microsoft’s latest software to help ensure compatibility and to test/demonstrate new features.

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