Partnered I.T.

Taking the worry out of I.T.

Many small and medium businesses have enough to worry about already, without adding the server that just crashed or the network which is unstable. Through our experience providing the networks and systems which run large mines and refineries, ECM has the experience to keep networks of all sizes up and running, allowing you to focus on the critical tasks of your day.

Regardless if your network includes a single switch to hundreds, from a single server to a floor of servers, we would be very happy to help take the I.T. worries off your shoulders. Some clients prefer to maintain their systems themselves, but require the specialized expertise ECM can provide when implementing a project, while other clients prefer ECM to maintain responsibility for the entirety of their I.T. systems. We’re happy to work with clients of all sizes – from a single project, to the day-to-day maintenance of your systems, we’re always happy to help.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help.