Structured Cabling

Ethernet Copper Cabling

What does it take to properly install Ethernet cables? Most have heard of Cat 5 or Cat 6, but not everyone understands the intricacies of cross-talk, attenuation loss, and the myriad of other characteristics which make up a reliable installation. Our cabling team have the training and experience to install your Ethernet cabling with the excellence you expect and require. From running cables behind walls wherever possible, to using a level when running raceway down a wall, we’ll take the time required to get the job done right.

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Fibre Optic Cabling

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When links need to run over 100m, fibre optic cables are the go-to choice for most applications. If your need is 200m between rooms, or 7000′ underground, we can get the job done right. Our installers are trained by Corning Cable Systems, the leaders in this industry – this means not only do we have the skills, but can offer a 25-year warranty, backed by Corning, on our work. We also have the tools required to install and test our work properly. Our Corning OptiSplice Fusion Splicer provides for fused-on pigtails or mid-span repairs, while our Corning UniCam kit allows for the installation of mechanical connectors.

No fibre job is complete until the fibre has been properly tested. This is where our Fluke DTX-1800 comes in handy. This tool allows us to complete both Link-Loss, and bi-directional OTDR tests on each strand of fibre we install. OTDR tests have also proven to be quite handy when helping our clients troubleshoot faults within their existing fibre installations. For each fibre ECM installs, we provide our clients with a report showing our summary, along with the raw Link-Loss and OTDR reports – this allows you our customer to independently verify that the fibre work you receive from ECM meets both your and ECM’s high standards for excellence.

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