Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Cable for Industrial Locations

From an industrial warehouse to thousands of feet underground in a mine, the need for Ethernet cabling is stronger than ever. Some needs, however, require cables which themselves are stronger than ever. Our experience working with a variety of specialty cables helps ensure that whatever the task, and whatever the need, we can provide you with reliable cabling infrastructure using the proper materials for the need.

Some of the areas we’ve seen the need for industrial cables include:

Mines & Mining Plants

There is no doubt that mines and mining plants have a special need for tough cable. By far the strongest cable we deploy uses steel-interlocking armour to help protect against the inherent hazards of industrial locations.

Warehouses & Light Industrial

There are a seemingly unending number of locations which require a stronger cable than standard office cabling, without the expense of steel armoured cables. Lightly-armoured cables are perfect for these locations. By using a combination of metal foil and multiple jacket layers, these cables provide the protection you need at a lower cost.

Specialty Uses

From cables with Kevlar armour, to water-blocking gel, to electro-magnetic shielding, the breadth of cables available is seemingly endless. You can rely on us to help guide you through the numerous options and provide the right cable for the right job.

On-The-Job Safety

Working in industrial areas calls for enhanced safety protocols to manage the inherent risks for these locations. In short you can trust that we have the experience, and the training to work in your industrial location safely. Pre-job hazard reviews, daily safety talks, and good communication with our site contacts are but a few of the methods we use to help ensure our work is completed safely. We will take care to ensure our employees, our clients, other contractors, and the materials we use are all treated with the diligence required to complete our work without incident.

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