Office Ethernet

New Connectivity

Moving a wall to support new employees? Purchased a new printer for the hallway? Organizations are frequently expanding and re-configuring their space to support the needs of their business, and with these changes comes the requirement for network connectivity in new locations. ECM can quickly and professionally install new network cables where and when you need them. We believe our attention to excellence sets us apart, and we’ll do our best to ensure that when the job is complete, you see this as well.

Our Promise Of Excellence:
• We always try to run our cables between walls, reducing the amount of unsightly cable moulding as much as possible.
• Our cables will be secured above your ceiling in the best way possible. The next time you move a drop-ceiling tile, you won’t need to worry about the network cables falling out.
• Latex gloves are used when we’re moving ceiling tiles. We want to leave reliable network cabling, not fingerprints.

New Building & Renovations

Are your needs a bit larger than a new network jack or two? No problem. From floor renovations to new buildings, we have the capacity to scale to your job needs. Our cabling crews are skilled at executing larger projects on-time, and on-budget. We’ll make sure we take care of your network cabling worries, allowing you to focus on other areas of preparing your building for occupancy.

Our Promise of Excellence:
• We get in, run your cables, and get out. We will do our best to be transparent to the electricians, carpenters, and other professionals working in the same area helping you stay on-time.
• For larger projects, our project managers are happy to provide status updates and Microsoft Project planning to help integrate our work with your larger project planning goals.
• Unplanned wall needs another jack? An extra one in the ceiling for a wireless access point? If your project needs change, we can easily and quickly adapt with the minimum of interruption to project time and budget.

Testing & Certification

To ensure the network cables we deploy are reliable and dependable, every link is tested and certified before we complete the job. Our Fluke DTX cable certifier runs more than a dozen tests to ensure the quality of our work. More than just cable length and wiremap, we test cross-talk, interference, and the many other characteristics necessary to ensure the quality of our work. A detailed report will be provided allowing you to independently verify our work.

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